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Part 3 in Our Holiday Gift Series: Special Gift Ideas for People with Low Vision

Cooking with Low Vision Gift Ideas by Audrey Demmitt Do you have someone on your gift list who loves to cook but is finding it difficult with low vision? I was having a lot of mishaps in the kitchen as my vision got worse. Here is a list of my favorite kitchen tools to help make cooking safer and more efficient. One suggestion is to give these items in a gift basket. Caption: Black and White Cutting Board

Part 1 in Our Holiday Gift Series: Finding Gifts for People Who are Blind or Visually Impaired

by Paul Ferrara, Communications Accessibility Editor, American Printing House for the Blind (APH) Finding and selecting a gift for someone who is blind or visually impaired can be a challenge because some items made for people with visual impairments are quite expensive and are often only available through specialty providers. To help you with finding just the right gift, here are some selected gift ideas from the American Printing House for the Blind, as well as three online retailers that you might not have run across, at least some of which are run by individuals who are blind or visually impaired. These websites carry a diverse selection of

Part 2 in Our Holiday Gift Series: Gifts for People Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired

The VisionAware Peer Advisor's (AKA Santa's elves) have put together a list of suggestions for holidays gifts for people with vision loss. This list is an annual and very popular tradition on VisionAware. In fact, you should check out our lists from yesteryear for other great ideas. This year we have so many suggestions that we have created a series! Be sure to read the first in the series--how to find gifts. A Personal Digital Assistant for the Holidays by

Holiday Picks and Black Friday Deals for People with Vision Loss

Looking for holiday gifts for friends or family with vision loss? Here are some great deals and recommendations! VisionAware has a holiday gift guide full of suggestions from peer advisors and contributors. The guide includes ideas for homemade gifts as well. It's not too late to get started! Think about a subscription

Speak to Me

Editor's note: In this second part of our theme in recognition of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, Mary Hiland and Sandra Burgess use real life experiences to illustrate more effective ways sighted people can interact with individuals who are blind or visually impaired. In the first part, Sandra talked about useful tips when you meet a person who is blind or visually impaired. In the third part of our series we will hear from Elizabeth Sammons on a glimpse of life in Siberia for men and women living with disabilities.

Gratitude, A Healing Resource for People Experiencing Vision Loss

Editor's note: Just in time for Thanksgiving, we bring you this thoughtful post by Rev. Laura Bratton, a United Methodist pastor in South Carolina. She is the founder of Ubi Global LLC and the author of the book Harnessing Courage. Her website is Gratitude, A Healing Resource for People Experiencing Vision Loss By Laura Bratton, guest contributor How can gratitude be a healing resource when adjusting to vision problems? Receiving a diagnosis that results in vision loss is absolutely overwhelming. Regardless of the severity of the vision loss it is difficult to receive

An Anthology of Holiday Picks for 2016 and from Yesteryears

Over the years, the VisionAware peer advisors and contributors have come up with an awesome list of gift suggestions, and this year is no exception. Enjoy their ideas from yesteryear and peruse their latest gift list before your holiday shopping. So sit back and relax, sip a holiday cocktail (compliments of Maureen Duffy), and review this list before Black Friday. Also check out our gift ideas article. <img src="" alt="Happy

Finding a New Home: Bucket List Sequel Four, Part 2

Sue Martin--Unexpected Surprises This wasn’t on my bucket list, at least for this year, but…we’ve found our home in Maine. It’s under contract with a closing date in October. Our house in Alabama is on the market with strong interest. The house in Maine is a geodesic dome on 18 acres and it’s on a lake. It has a windmill and solar panels and we’ll be able to be off the grid. The property contains mixed woodland with open ground that’s a combination of grass and blueberries. It has a huge greenhouse and raised beds for growing vegetables. The Biggest News Here’s the biggest news. A member of he Senior Executive Service at Veterans

Writing Goals Achieved: Peer Advisor Bucket Lists--Sequel Four, Part 1

It's time for another update as the peer advisors continue to work on their bucket list goals for this year. We’d love to hear how our readers are doing with theirs as well! We have made so much progress on our bucket lists that we have divided this post into two parts! This first post relates to writing. Sequel Four, Part 2 discusses serendipity in finding a home and taking on a new, exciting job opportunity. Amy Bovaird--Writing Goals One of my big goals on my bucket list for 2016 was to complete three books this year (What was I thinking?!).

Peer Advisors Update Bucket Lists-Sequel Three

My Outrageous Bucket List in Review by Maribel Steel At the beginning of the year, some of the peer advisors shared their dreams and aspirations on our individual bucket lists in the hope of keeping each other accountable to fulfilling our goals. So far, so good. The rewarding aspect in sharing these lists has been in knowing that my fellow peers have already begun to tick some things off their list. For me, there is nothing like a deadline that helps me to stretch for a goal and sometimes, I really do feel stretched. So, if I happen to get anything ticked off my

Be A Bucket List Buddy—Sequel Number 1

What’s a Bucket List? In case you didn’t see the movie where the expression "bucket list" was made famous, it’s a list of things you want to do before your life is over. Depending on how long your list is, it would be a good idea to get started on it now. Choose at least one item on your bucket list and resolve to do it this coming year. Don't let vision loss slow you down. Many of the VisionAware peer advisors wrote about their bucket lists in January and sharing them with our VisionAware audience. Here is the first update

Valentine's Day Is On the Horizon: Make It Sensory

There are many ways to give that involve your senses. Using all of our senses can maximize our experiences. "Chime" in with your ideas! Here are some suggestions from some of the VisionAware peer advisors. "The day itself is a multisensory kind of experience and can be made complete with many textures, fragrances and sounds and tastes," Elizabeth Sammons. Gifts that Involve the Sense of Smell

Independence Walk

Editor's note: Continuing with our independence and advocacy themes in celebration of the signing of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), VisionAware peer advisors Mary Hiland, and Elizabeth Sammons were co-winners of the ADA25 Celebration Essay Contest in Columbus, Ohio. Mary wrote Crosswalks to Civil Rights. And below is Elizabeth's winning essay. My True Independence Day by Elizabeth Sammons My true

Attending the Big 12 Basketball Tournament March 2015

by guest blogger Judy Scott, Director, AFB Center on Vision Loss As a person who is blind and enjoys basketball immensely, I must share with you one of the most fun and exciting activities I participated in a few days ago. Does the term "March Madness" sound familiar? It begins with basketball tournaments for each of the NCAA conferences throughout the country and culminates with the "Final 4 Tournament” then the “championship” game. Opportunity to Attend Women's "Big

Reevaluating the Best Way to Do My Shopping As a Person Who Is Blind

By guest blogger Chelsea Munoz I have been blind since birth, and I currently live in San Antonio, TX. My goal is to become as independent as possible. I am constantly looking to learn new things. I enjoy writing and getting feedback. I enjoy rock climbing, horseback riding, and anything that allows me to push myself to greater heights, build my confidence, and have a great time! To me, variety truly is the spice of life! Grocery Shopping, a Huge Challenge A huge challenge that people who are blind face is going to the grocery store independently. There are things that make blind people’s shopping adventures more of an inconvenience than they would be for sighted people. There are also things that could make shopping experiences for people who are

All About Braille: Six Dots, Four Perspectives

January is Braille Literacy Awareness Month, in honor of Louis Braille who originally developed the braille code. Braille has been a major contributor to the independence of people who are blind and visually impaired and we are honoring the month with personal stories about its importance. Bumps On A Page By Mary Hiland How do you make sense of all those bumps on the page? Do blind

Peer Advisor Favorite Holiday Recipes Part 2: Appetizers and Entrees

Editor's note: This is Part 2 in our Holiday Favorites recipes. It is included in the new Cooking with Confidence Series, led by Leann Gibson, Chef and VisionAware Cooking with Confidence Correspondent. You may want to read Part 1: Desserts. Appetizers Ratones Submitted by Stephen J. Wilson <img src="" alt="appetizer wrapped in bacon"

Peer Advisor Favorite Holiday Recipes Part 1: Desserts

Editor's note: The VisionAware Peer Advisors have just started a new Guide to Cooking Safely with Visual Impairment and will be adding lots of great content about cooking with visual impairment. It is housed in the cooking section, where you will find lots of helpful cooking techniques.Leann Gibson, Chef and VisionAware and Cooking with Confidence Correspondent, has pulled together the following favorite dessert recipes from our peer

Peer Advisors' Holiday Gift Picks

'Tis the Season to Shop! The VisionAware peer advisors and Maureen Duffy, writer and editor of the VisionAware Blog, have all contributed to this post. Also be sure to read our new holiday gift guide for people who are blind or visually impaired. Peer Advisors' Gift Bucket List Deanna Noriega Deanna Noriega loves to cook and highly recommends a kitchen timer on a

The White Cane: Symbol of Dependence Or Independence

Editor's note:This is last in our series of posts in honor of White Cane Day. Our guest blogger, Kendra Farrow, CVRT, graduated from Western Michigan University with her Master’s degree in blind rehabilitation. She worked as a Vision Rehabilitation Therapist for fourteen years. Her experiences included organizing transition programming, leading activity and support groups, conducting community education on blindness and low vision, and providing one on one instruction with consumers in their homes.

Insights about Using an iPhone: Pros and Cons for Blind and Visually Impaired Users

Peer Advisors Talk About Their Experiences with iPhones Why I LOVE my iPhone! by Audrey Demmitt I was the last one in my family to have an iPhone. I resisted it for some time, feeling intimidated by the technology. Eventually, I got one for Christmas at my husband’s prodding. My adult kids were all home and spent time teaching me how to use it, setting the accessibility features and downloading helpful apps. They encouraged me to "just start looking around and using it and you will learn what it can do." Every day, I learned new functions

Dating My Sweetheart Again After Losing Vision

Editor's note: Guest blogger Kevin Dunn talks about losing his vision, how it affected his relationship with his wife, and the steps they had to take to stay together as a couple. Dating from a Blind Man's Point of View With Cupid's holiday just around the corner and his arrows poised to meet their target, I was graciously asked to offer my two cents on the subject of dating from a blind man's point of view. Though it may not be worth the two cents, I agreed to give it a shot. Relationship Future Uncertain Truth is, when I lost my sight in 2001 (due to retinal detachment and optic nerve damage as a result of

Peer Advisors Offer Their Favorite Holiday Gift Ideas

'Tis the Season to Shop! The VisionAware peer advisors, Maureen Duffy, Social Media Specialist,VisionAware, and Neva Fairchild, National Independent Living Associate, AFB, have all contributed to this post. Also be sure to read our new holiday gift guide for people who are blind or visually impaired. Neva's Suggestions A music box An electric razor along with tips for shaving Craft kits such as leather or

White Cane Safety Day Observations

White Cane Day Musings Several peer advisors share their thoughts and experiences about this very important day. From Empish Thomas: Editor's note: This blog was published originally on Wednesday, October 10, 2012 on the Center for the Visually Impaired Blog by Empish Thomas. It was edited for use on VisionAware and is reprinted here by permission. My Use of the White Cane As a blind person I use a mobility aid called the

Older Alabamians Speak Out About the Importance of Specialized Services for Older Persons with Visual Impairment

Anthony: OASIS Got Me Over the Hump Anthony is 78 and has Retinitis Pigmentosa. Although he has been visually impaired all of his life, it was not until he lost his dog guide in April, 2012 that he realized that he needed vision rehabilitation services to build his confidence and independence. He found out about about OASIS (Older Alabamians System of Information and Services) from a friend. Jane, a

A Teacher's Toolbox of Old and New Technology and Methods

by Lynne Tatum Editor's note: This is the last in the technology series that VisionAware is running this month. Lynne is a new peer advisor for VisionAware and also a teacher at the Computer Center for Visually Impaired People, featured on VisionAware as the agency of the month. Teaching for over eighteen years has propelled me to adjust my teaching techniques and tools to try to maximize student retention and interest. The same methods I use with my students are those that have worked well for me through the years as I do my best to keep up with the latest and greatest technology. Students have always been encouraged to take notes but I offer notes in order that they have every

Peer Advisors Speak Out About Technology

A couple of weeks ago, I asked the VisionAware peer advisors for some feedback on technology. This is a very timely subject since VisionAware is currently featuring Baruch College's Computer Center for Visually Impaired People and is focusing on technology this month. We invite your feedback. Questions and Responses from Peer Advisors to Get You Started What issues are people who are blind or visually impaired having in terms of using technology? What problems need to be solved such as training, funding, access, special issues for older persons not experienced with technology or other groups? From Lynley Hood in New Zealand

Christine Ha Inspires with "Recipes from My Home" Cookbook

Editor's Note: For today's blog we are taking a few lines from Joe Strechay's recent blog about Christine Ha and her recently released cookbook, Recipes from My Home Kitchen: Asian and American Comfort Food. Christine is the chef who is visually impaired and who wowed the nation when she became the Fox Network Master Chef Season 3 Winner. Joe Strechay: "If you don't remember, I wrote a lot about the FOX Network MasterChef Season 3 winner prior

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