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Instant Pot to the Rescue!

By Jeannie Johnson When the bulk of the holiday meal preparation is your job, if youre like me, you have one standard oven and 4 stovetop burners. Because were efficient, we can prepare some things ahead of time, but in order for everything to be hot and fresh all at once, sometimes those cooking options just arent enough, especially if we want to minimize our stress. Multicooker/Instant Pot (IP) to the rescue! I have two Instant Pots and plan to put both of them to good use during the

You Cane Give: Making an Amazing Difference

Editor's Note: James Boehm, VisionAware Peer Advisor, recently participated in a special mission to give blind residents of Kenya and Africa independence, mobility training and a new hope. He wanted to share through VisionAware his personal experience with the White Cane Initiative's Team's work. Other team members included Paul Mugambi, Hilda Mulandi, Laureen Agola, Karen Nelson, and interpreter Florence Mithika. The post was edited by Maribel

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