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A New Home? Choosing a Retirement Living Community When You Have Vision Loss

Packing up the home where you have lived for years, leaving the familiar neighborhood and moving some place new is stressful enough for any senior. When vision loss is part of the picture, it can add another layer of anxiety. Are you wondering: How will I find my way around a large new building? How will I make friends when I can’t recognize anyone’s face? How will I get out to do my errands when I don’t drive and don’t have my friends nearby to help out? Choosing Your New Home When you are choosing your new home, be proactive. Ask questions. Explore the facility including the living area and the common areas. This is

A Recipe for Kitchen Success this Summer: Three Parts Vision Rehab Strategy to One Part Planning

Most people would like to eat a healthy, made from scratch, natural diet, wouldn’t you say? However, vision loss in the kitchen can feel like it is adding extra layers of difficulty to the 7-layer bean salad you wanted to make. Have You Experienced Any of the Following Behaviors or Reactions? Get frustrated spending 20 minutes looking for ingredients and kitchen tools in your own kitchen? Maybe you can’t find everything you need and decide to reach for the phone for take-out instead? Have every intention of eating the vegetables and fruit you bought, but have to throw some of them out because "out of sight, out of mind" caused you to forget you had them until you smell them rotting? Get nervous about trying to measure tablespoon and

Breaking Free from the Flock: When Is It Time to Stop Going to the Support Group?

Editor's note: This blog post was originally published on Second Sense’s Second Opinions blog. Feeling the Safety in Numbers There is safety in numbers and comfort in being one of a crowd. But, sometimes it is necessary to see if you can stand alone. It means facing fears of failure and putting to the test everything you have learned up to that point. Blind service agencies and support groups provide a safe haven when you are adjusting to vision loss. You are supported emotionally and you are learning the many practical skills to be independent again. Who wouldn’t want to spend

Love, Belonging, and Commitment: Not Just for Your Valentine

Editor's note: This blog post was originally published on Second Sense’s Second Opinions blog. I have a small confession. Valentine’s Day has been a favorite holiday of mine since grade school. Once January hits, I am already planning a party that somehow never gets thrown. Wrapped up amongst thoughts of pink-iced heart-shaped sugar cookies with cinnamon heart candies on them is an appreciation for the less silly and more intangible idea of a day when it is expected that you demonstrate your feelings to honor the lasting relationships in your life (a perfect time for said cookie). This year I have been thinking a lot about vision loss support

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