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A Cross Disability: Visual Impairment and Autism

My First Interaction with Autism My first real job after graduating from college was teaching braille and remedial education to adults with visual impairments. One of my first students was an 18 year old girl who had had significant vision loss since birth. This sensory impairment seemed of little consequence compared with the other unusual behaviors she exhibited every day. She did the traditional “blindisms” rocking, rubbing her eyes, and holding her head in non-typical ways. Additionally, she did not converse, but made short monologs. She

How to Avoid Those Holiday Blues

Those Holiday Blues When Elvis sings "I'll have a Blue, Blue Christmas," most of us know just what he means. All during the holiday season music and ads tell us we should be happy and spending time with people we love. Sometimes, that just doesn't happen. During those "blue times" when we are alone, we must dig deep into our experience and find many little ways to enjoy our lives. I grew up in a Christian culture and so I use Christmas as the name of the key holiday in my life. The same strategies I will share for avoiding the "blues" apply, of course, to the key holidays of other world religions. Most of them apply to people who have no religion,

Living with Diabetes

Facing Diabetes and Its Complications "You can eat all the ice cream you want in heaven." So began the eulogy for my friend Sally who had died of diabetic complications two days before. The minister's talk was aimed particularly to Sally's six year old son on the front row of the chapel. I cringed because I have diabetes too. My feelings were exactly the same when my doctor informed me that I had the scary disease six years ago. I loved sweets, still do, but I thought then that they would be available to me only in the next world. That's what everyone says: "No sweets." I knew that I wanted a different answer. Educational Seminar I attended a day-long diabetes educational

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