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Coping with Life Changes as We Grow Older

Unexpected Changes in Vision As We Age Bring Unexpected Solutions With age there are many changes in life, some good and others that are more difficult. Some we expect, becoming grandparents, retiring, even arthritis and gray hair, but then we have the unexpected changes. At times we lose friends and loved ones, some struggle with the effects of a stroke, heart attack, and we even see friends and their families battle Alzheimer’s disease and the declines. Another loss many face is their vision. Age-related Vision Loss Can Affect All Areas of Life The loss can include simple everyday tasks such as

Happy Grandparents Day!

I hope that all of you enjoyed the day yesterday! I wanted to share what has happened in the year since I wrote about grandparenting with vision loss, the joys and the challenges. Well to quote an old song "the beat goes on…" A Tip to Adult Children I understand that you are caught in the middle. These are your parents and now visual impairment is changing their lives and yours. Like my children, you have a picture of what a grandparent is probably based on your own grandparents and now Mom and Dad don’t fit that picture. Dealing with vision loss is often frightening for them and for you. There are many times when you are not

A Day in the Life of a Vision Rehabilitation Therapist For People Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired

What I Do for a Living Editor's note: This week we are celebrating Vision Rehabilitation Therapist week. Join us in celebrating this honored and valued profession I am a vision rehabilitation therapist (VRT) and often I am asked exactly what I do for a living. The question is not as easy to answer as it may first appear. The answer, like the profession itself, has as many answers as there are VRTs. This profession draws people from a variety of cultures, ages, ethnicities and beliefs. Some have little personal experience with

The Rewards of Grandparenting with Vision Loss

Parenting and Grandparenting Adventures Parenthood was one of the greatest adventures of my life. It was filled with highs and lows, many firsts from sleeping through the night to walking down the aisle at a child's wedding. There were sticky kisses, scraped knees and broken hearts. For my children there was also Grandma. They all have wonderful memories of the time they spent with her, so for me, being a grandparent meant sharing adventures, stories, teas and ballgames. How do you play catch or read stories when the world is a blur? How do pass on a tradition, whether that is knitting or stamp collecting, camping or music when you cannot

Vision Loss and Solving Problems, Part Two

Editor's note: Vision Rehabilitation Therapist and new Peer Advisor Linda Fugate, EdD, brings a practical approach to finding solutions for living with vision loss. Read Part One. Part Two focuses on three examples of applying the ADAPT method for problem solving. Solving the ChallengesApplying the ADAPT Method Attitude Example: Mary has macular degeneration. She is concerned that she can no longer find anything; nothing is where it belongs. She does not want to mark items; she does not want

Vision Loss and Solving Problems, Part One

Editor's note: Last month VisionAware honored Vision Rehabilitation Therapists and the critical role they play in helping with people deal with all aspects of living with vision loss. Vision Rehabilitation Therapist and new Peer Advisor Linda Fugate, EdD, follows on this theme and brings a very practical approach to finding solutions for living with vision loss. Part 1 of a Two-Part

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