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Becoming an Effective Self-Advocate

What is Self-Advocacy There are many times in our lives when self-advocacy is an important tool to use. When you are blind or visually impaired, you may need to hone your skills even more. Self-advocacy is a lifelong skill which enables you to speak up for yourself and for your personal rights. Self-advocacy also means speaking out against personal discrimination. Becoming an effective self-advocate requires you to develop and nurture your existing skills and abilities, to build up your self-confidence, and to practice the critical skill of communicating effectively. Effective communication means that you listen to

Self-Advocacy: How Aggressive and Assertive Behaviors Differ

Have you ever been around people who are loud, demanding, and just downright rude? You have probably had this experience and it is not a pleasant one. This type of behavior is considered aggressive, not assertive. It turns people off and even makes them angry. Aggressive Behavior Aggressive behavior means that you are trying to get your needs met without considering the rights and needs of others. It is fundamentally unfair. Aggressive behavior may actually hurt your chances of getting what you need. It may affect public attitude toward people with vision loss by making people less likely to listen and to respond positively to

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