Five Reasons Why I Still Use a Landline Phone

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Today, with the ever-increasing advancements in technology, many people are cutting the cord and getting rid of their landline phone. They are using their cell or smartphone to make those necessary phone calls. Their smartphone can accomplish that and so much more, so some might think, why continue to have a landline? Well, I can give you at least five reasons why I still continue to use mine. Even though I am in my mid-40s, I am a bit old fashioned and thoroughly enjoy my landline phone, and here are the reasons why.

A close up of Empish sitting at her desk in her home office using a landline phone

Five Reasons Why I Use a Landline Phone

  1. I can get to my landline quickly and easily. In each room of my town house, I have a landline phone. Two are cordless, and two are connected to a phone wall jack. I have one in the kitchen, one in the bedroom, one in my home office, and one in the living room. No matter where I am in my home I can quickly and easily get to a phone. Whereas with my cell phone, I can’t do the same. For example, if I leave it upstairs in the bedroom, I have to run back up the steps to get it when it starts ringing. Or, I would have to wear my cell phone on my body while moving around the house in order to keep it close to me. In my opinion, neither option is very convenient.

  2. My landline phones have easy to press buttons. All the phones in my home, especially in my home office, have easy to press buttons on the keypad. I don’t have to figure out where the numbers are. I don’t have to figure out how to maneuver call waiting. I have an answering machine option built into my landline phone in my home office so that I don’t have to figure out complicated voicemail boxes. I just press one simple button and listen to my messages, press another to delete, and press another to rewind or fast forward.

  3. I don’t want to be available constantly. I like having some separation between home, work, and cell. If I had just a cell phone, for example, then my personal and business calls would come to the same phone, and it would be ringing too much. I don’t want to constantly be on call all the time. I want to be able to separate home life from work life. The fact that I have a home number and cell number help keep the two separated and my life more balanced.

  4. If my cell phone is lost, stolen, or damaged, I might be up the creek. Fortunately, I have a landline, so I don’t have to worry about this. If something were to happen to my cell phone, I have another phone to make my calls and handle my affairs. For example, if my cell phone were damaged and I needed to ship it off for repairs, what would I do in the meantime? What would be the backup plan to make calls and connect with people?

  5. My home security alarm system is another reason why I still have a landline phone. I know alarm systems can be connected to your cell phones, but they are more expensive. I recently called my company, and they gave me a higher quote for a monitoring service than what I currently pay. In addition, they would have to come out to my home and install a receiver box that would pick up the signal with the cell tower in my area. This is an extra expense. I politely said thanks but no thanks and got off the phone--my landline phone that is.

My reasons for keeping my landline phone are not to persuade you to cut the cord in your own life but to share my personal experience. You have to decide for yourself what works best for your home and family situation. I have looked and weighed the pros and cons, and for now, I have decided to keep my landline phone.

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Re: Five Reasons Why I Still Use a Landline Phone

I love this article, Empish! It's nice to know I'm not the only one who prefers the landline. I find the sound quality so much better on a landline versus the cell phone. People just accept scratchy, poor quality sound as a part of life, but that never used to be the case. I like the other reasons you pointed out as well...we never misplace those landlines—very important for visually impaired people! Thanks for taking a stand on the good old landline.

Re: Five Reasons Why I Still Use a Landline Phone

Some of the experts in emergency conditions, recommend that you keep an old rotary dial phone plugged into a landline in your home. When cell towers are damaged or out of commission, an old style rotary dial phone does not need a charge when it's connected directly to a landline wireless handsets are dependent on electricity so our phones plugged in to electrical outlets like the magic jack. Potential these phones that use the old telephone wires and connections could still function. I have A sort of LANLine through my computer cable network. It plugs in on the kitchen counter. I am told you can get rotary dial phones sometimes in places like Habitat for Humanity stores. Haven't found one yet, but it's worth thinking about

Re: Five Reasons Why I Still Use a Landline Phone

I too have 5 land line phones in my house, because I too don’t want to carry my cell phone around. While it would be handy to do that in case of a medical emergency, it really isn’t necessary. I carry a land line phone into the bathroom when I shower, just in case of a fall. The problem with that is that I often forget it and then have to run around looking for it before I remember it’s in the bathroom. Smile. I find using the iphone in a hurry is often frustrating, because I sometimes try to use it upside down or don’t have it at the right angle to my cheek, and using the ear pods takes another few seconds, because they are usually tangled. However, if I’m expecting a call on my iphone, I have it with me, with the ear pods dangling around my neck, and it’s all good. But if the service is down for whatever reason, it’s good to have a backup, either way. I too have an old rotary phone for just such cases. I try to make sure I am always connected to the outside world. In these terrifying times, it’s essential when you live alone.

Re: Five Reasons Why I Still Use a Landline Phone

One time there was a major rainstorm and my power went out for several hours. I used my iPhone to called the power company to find out what was happening because my landline was down. I was also able to set up alert text messages on my iPhone for future so that when there are storms or emergencies in my area I will get a text message. I just saw a news story about a whole family of people who died in this rainstorm. There were several people, including very small children, somewhere in Arizona or New Mexico. The news reporter said that they didn’t leave their home in time because they didn’t get the weather alert and the power was out in their home.

Re: Five Reasons Why I Still Use a Landline Phone

Empish, I also prefer to have the option of both a landline and a cell phone (mobile phone here in OZ), and I find a landline much easier to handle while on a call; it just FEELS more friendly in my hands. Cell phones can feel quite delicate in their slick, flat tile interface but grabbing a landline feels more secure to hold. The tactile buttons are quick to find because like Mary, I can sometimes be holding my cell phone upside down and wonder why I can't hear the person on the other side (LOL).
It does also help keep business and family calls separate for me too. Thanks for sharing your ideas on this...

Re: Five Reasons Why I Still Use a Landline Phone

Thanks for your comments. You are so right on the sound quality. Too many times I have been on a cell phone asking that question from the commercial.”Can you hear me now?” Or the call drops and then you have to call them back again. Or the battery dies and you have to try again later on. Not so much with a landline.

Re: Five Reasons Why I Still Use a Landline Phone

I had not heard of the rotary phone idea before. Thanks for bringing that up. Iactually didn’tknowthatey still existed. But I have heard of getting a weather radio for emergency alerts and things like that. Maybe that would be helpful if you can’t find a roatry phone.

Re: Five Reasons Why I Still Use a Landline Phone

Mary and Maribel,
Too many times I have had my cell phone upside down as well and wondering the samething. Also, you have a few seconds to answer. I actually call my provider and Apple abouth this to see if I could extend the ring time and I was told no. So then I am fumbling around trying to get to my iPhone to answer it. And with the proper finger taps to boot! Whereas with my landline phone I don’t have to be running around like I am on fire! LOL! Another reason yet, to keep my landline.

Re: Five Reasons Why I Still Use a Landline Phone

Empish, love the image of you running about as if on fire to answer your cell phone! What has the world come to - we never panicked before when our landline rang - now we feel as if we have to answer a call within seconds? So another good reason for chilling out on a landline!

Re: Five Reasons Why I Still Use a Landline Phone

Yes, I do think the image of me running around on fire is abit dramatic ! But maybe better than saying running around like a chicken with the head cut off! Not trying to get too gross. But with the increasing volume of robo calls I actually need to slow down and let them go to voice mail. But then I don’t know if it is a call I need to answer or not. SoI am still trying to figure that one out.

Re: Five Reasons Why I Still Use a Landline Phone

I know this is an old post, so maybe no one will see this comment, but I will never ditch my landline. My husband was arrested on his way home from work and taken to jail in a mistaken identity situation (his driver’s license and license plate number were mistakenly assigned to another “John Smith,” same-name-no-relation, who was wanted for stalking and threatening a woman in a nearby city.) Once at the jail, he was relieved of all his possessions, including his cell phone, before he was given the opportunity to make a phone call. Without his cell phone, he had to dial from memory, AND, the old analog telephone system at the jail was NOT ABLE TO CONNECT THROUGH TO A CELLPHONE! Had we not had a landline, he would have been stuck, unable to remember any other landline numbers of other family members. And yes, this particular situation is pretty rare, but no one expects to go to jail if they haven’t committed a crime. It can’t happen to you, UNTIL IT DOES, and why take the chance! We certainly didn’t expect it!

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