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Instant Pot to the Rescue!

By Jeannie Johnson When the bulk of the holiday meal preparation is your job, if youre like me, you have one standard oven and 4 stovetop burners. Because were efficient, we can prepare some things ahead of time, but in order for everything to be hot and fresh all at once, sometimes those cooking options just arent enough, especially if we want to minimize our stress. Multicooker/Instant Pot (IP) to the rescue! I have two Instant Pots and plan to put both of them to good use during the

Two Blind Cooks in My Kitchen!

Food is the true universal language that breaks down barriers and brings us all togetherno matter who, where, or what we are. Penny Melville-Brown, Blind Baker and Holman Prize winner When I read a message on the VisionAware message board several months ago, I knew I had to reply. It was an announcement by a woman from England who had been selected as one of three Holman Prize winners, and she was coming to cook in my home city in Australia as part of her prize-winning Baking Blind Tour. Setting Off on a Blind Ambition When Penny was informed of a particular prize being offered to people with a visual disability, she decided to pitch her vision of the possible. The Lighthouse Foundation for the Blind and Visually

A Recipe for Kitchen Success this Summer: Three Parts Vision Rehab Strategy to One Part Planning

Most people would like to eat a healthy, made from scratch, natural diet, wouldn’t you say? However, vision loss in the kitchen can feel like it is adding extra layers of difficulty to the 7-layer bean salad you wanted to make. Have You Experienced Any of the Following Behaviors or Reactions? Get frustrated spending 20 minutes looking for ingredients and kitchen tools in your own kitchen? Maybe you can’t find everything you need and decide to reach for the phone for take-out instead? Have every intention of eating the vegetables and fruit you bought, but have to throw some of them out because "out of sight, out of mind" caused you to forget you had them until you smell them rotting? Get nervous about trying to measure tablespoon and

Sensible Solutions: An Introduction

Editor's note: Just in time for Independence Day, the VisionAware Peers introduce a new message board topic: Sensible Solutions for Everyday Living with Vision Loss. These tips and solutions to managing life with vision loss are being posted in a message board format so that you can respond and ask questions. We encourage you to browse through suggestions and strategies that can help you, or a family member, successfully accomplish those daily chores that can make living with vision loss a challenge. We also recommend that you read the topics in Skills You Need for Everyday Living. Life Isn't Limited by the

Food Gifts You Can Make for the Holidays - Part 3

Editor's Note: Many of these gifts require measuring. Before attempting them, you may want to learn more about measuring and safe cooking techniques. You may also find useful tools for cooking and other household tasks through AFB's product data base or through specialty catalog sources. Apple and Rhubarb Jam

Firing Up the Gas Grill When You Are Visually Impaired

Firing Up the Grill With the summer upon us, it is time to get out those hamburgers, hot dogs, steaks, fish, and veggies. It is time to get cooking and fire up the grill! The summer months are a prime time for picnics, backyard barbecues, and grilling out with friends and family. For some of us, this cooking ritual has been a big part of our lives and having a visual impairment shouldn't keep you away from the grill! Hadley Webinar on Grilling When I lost my vision, I stopped barbecuing because I felt it was too dangerous using charcoal, lighter fluid, and wood chips. However, after listening to a webinar from the Hadley School for the

Peer Advisor Favorite Holiday Recipes Part 2: Appetizers and Entrees

Editor's note: This is Part 2 in our Holiday Favorites recipes. It is included in the new Cooking with Confidence Series, led by Leann Gibson, Chef and VisionAware Cooking with Confidence Correspondent. You may want to read Part 1: Desserts. Appetizers Ratones Submitted by Stephen J. Wilson <img src="" alt="appetizer wrapped in bacon"

Peer Advisor Favorite Holiday Recipes Part 1: Desserts

Editor's note: The VisionAware Peer Advisors have just started a new Guide to Cooking Safely with Visual Impairment and will be adding lots of great content about cooking with visual impairment. It is housed in the cooking section, where you will find lots of helpful cooking techniques.Leann Gibson, Chef and VisionAware and Cooking with Confidence Correspondent, has pulled together the following favorite dessert recipes from our peer

Accessible Kitchen Aids for Successful Holiday Cooking with Vision Loss

Editor's note: This post is the first of our Cooking with Confidence series, associated with the Peer Guide to Cooking Safely with Visual Impairment. It Is That Time of the Year It is that time of year when family and friends gather for warm cups of cider or hot chocolate, friendly conversation, laughter, and of course, lots of delicious things to eat. For those of us who are blind or visually impaired, there is no reason that our vision loss should keep us from

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