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Visually Impaired Seniors Be Aware of Scams and Frauds

As a senior with vision loss, you have doubtless been encouraged to use computers, smartphones, and other access technologies to help regain and maintain your quality of life. With these devices, you can potentially recapture nearly all of the independence you once thought might be gone forever. But along with the advantages, come certain risks and responsibilities. Scams Old and New In days of yore, grifters and confidence men came knocking on your door to ply their scams. If you fell for their ploy, the nogoodnik would likely mark your fence or curb with chalka way of letting the next con man to arrive know, Here lives an easy

Making Square Foot Gardening More Accessible with the Seeding Square

In a recent VisionAware article, I described how transitioning my vegetable garden from flat row to raised beds has made me a more productive "Out of Sight Gardener." To summarize, a raised bed garden is a plot framed with wood or blocks or some other material formed into raised growing spaces no wider than four feet and as long and as high as you have the desire, space, and garden soil to accommodate. There are

Out of Sight Gardening: Tips on Raised Bed Gardening for Individuals with Vision Loss

Out of Sight Gardening By Bill Holton, VisionAware Contributor As the snow melts and the days grow longer, it’s only natural for our thoughts to turn to springtime gardening. I do a lot of vegetable gardening, and last spring, I offered several tips for gardening with vision loss. Some of these included using bamboo stakes to mark row ends and kebab skewers to mark where you have planted seeds, so you’ll be able to

Out of Sight Vegetable Gardening

Vegetable Gardening Can be Fun Vegetable gardening can be fun, and all the fresh produce is an added bonus. Here at Vision Aware we have offered a number of tips to enhance the blind gardening experience. But there are also some resources and relatively inexpensive products that can help. Most are available from or at your local home and garden store. Below are a sampling of these products: List of Inexpensive Gardening Products Bricks, lumber and fences are great for marking borders of the garden, but they can be a toe-stub and tripping

The Scent of Small Business Success for Owners Who Are Visually Impaired

Home Business Built on Personal Passion Barry and Debra Carver are among a growing number of people who have joined the ranks of the self-employed. Together they own and operate their own home business, called, a web store where they sell candles, shampoos, and other natural fragrance products they make themselves in their Smoky Mountain, Tennessee home. Barry and Debra are both blind, he from an accident and she from

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