A Poem on Retinitis Pigmentosa to Shine On Valentine's Day

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When Dave Steele learned that he was losing his sight to Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP), he took to expressing his fears, thoughts, and experiences through writing poems, songs, and verses. Only two years on, Dave has produced many creative works in raising awareness of the challenges people face in a similar situation. His book, Stand by Me RP is a touching collection of poems reflecting on his journey.

We couldn’t think of anything finer for Valentine’s Day than to highlight one of his love poems to his wife and thank Dave for giving VisionAware permission to feature a poem so close to his heart. "I have always believed that music and poetry can make an impact, touch the heart, and heal the soul in a way like nothing else.” —Dave Steele

Happy Valentine's Day from the VisionAware peers!

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by Dave Steele

In a world that's getting darker
she is the brightest light
she gives me her last ounce of strength
when I'm too tired to fight

When head is full of worry
and heart begins to tear
she listens to my problems
her bosom burdens bare

If future days of blindness
begin to get too much
she helps me to refocus
with just the slighted touch

For all the vision I have lost
she puts the beauty back
she makes sure I can feel it
for what my eyesight lacks

When I feel isolated
she helps me know she's there
when all the worlds against me
she shows me that she cares

When day in future finally comes
when last of vision leaves
she's crystal clear in memory
no need for me to grieve I've memorised each wrinkle
those eyes and laughter lines
her beauty mine forever to keep in front of mind

From moment since I first laid eyes
till last day of my life
When visions gone
our love shines on
so proud that she's my wife.

© Dave Steele 2017

About Dave Steele

Dave Steele holding his book, Stand with Me RP

Since the book, Stand By Me RP was released in 2016, it has been named as a #1 release in the United States and Australia. To coincide with RP awareness month this February, Volume 2 is soon to be released. Dave Steele’s poems are an account of his rapid decline in vision and speak of the challenges to regain his confidence and independence through mobility training and working with his first guide dog.

Stand By Me RP book

Stand By Me RP song

Poetry by Dave Steele Facebook

Is poetry or writing a love note to your Valentine something you enjoy doing too? Please share in the comments below what makes a perfect day when spending it with the one you love.

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