Part Five: Suggested Resources for More Information on Macular Hole Surgery

Joy R. EfronJoy R. Efron, Ed.D.

This is the fifth of the five-part series Surviving Recovery From Macular Hole Surgery. This section provides links to online information about macular holes and also provides a listing of resources the author references throughout the series.


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Author's Contact Information

Don't hesitate to contact me if I can be of any help or support. This recovery process is not easy, but it's worth the great effort required.

Joy R. Efron, Ed.D.


I am very grateful to the following individuals:

  • My retinal surgeon
  • My cataract surgeon
  • My husband, who provided devoted support
  • A variety of macular hole patients, for generously sharing their experiences and providing guidance
  • A large number of professionals, family members, and friends, who provided information and gave generously of their time and support

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Updated February 2017

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