Gift Ideas for People Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired

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Adapted Product Gift Ideas and Solutions

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More Helpful and Useful Gifts

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  • The iPod Touch is a great way to get into Apple’s world of accessibility for $199 or less for the base, 16 GB model. The iPod Touch has all the features of the iPhone except that you can’t make a cellular phone call. Of course, when connected to WiFi, calls can be made with the Facetime app or other apps like Skype. Read more about podcasts.
  • A large display or talking calculator, large print address book, or other types of office products are practical gifts.
  • Keeping track of money is easier to do with a multi-compartment wallet, along with suggestions for identifying money and some shopping tips.
  • Is a friend or family member having trouble telling colors apart? Try the Rainbow Color Reader, a Talking Color Identifier.
  • Consider purchasing a Pen Friend for recording instructions, notes, and labels. Audio labels can be used for anything, including managing medications!
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Kindle Fire HD

Read a review of the new Kindle Fire HD, an accessible and affordable tablet alternative.

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Chicago Lighthouse Special Deals

Note: The Chicago Lighthouse will donate a portion of your eligible purchases back to AFB.

Wilson Recorder: $45

Hold Everything Wallet: $25

Bold Line Notepad: $3

No-Slip Signature Guide: $5

EZC Playing Cards: $5.95

Gigantic Laminated Bingo Card: $4.95

Big Larry Light: $27.95

Lightweight Travel Task Light: $35

Loud Boost Clock: $19

Time Optics Talking Watch: $59.95

Talking Keychain: $12

Find out more about choosing a clock or adapted watch

Finding Products

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  • You can find these products and many more through VisionAware's Helpful Products section, which has links to the AFB product database and well as to specialty catalogs.
  • Tip: most of these catalogs or stores have gift certificates, as do many online stores.
  • Read AccessWorld to learn more about accessible products.

The VisionAware "Getting Started" Kit

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People with vision problems can face the future with confidence when they have access to the right information.

  • The VisionAware™ Getting Started kit provides Hope and Help to people experiencing vision loss by assisting them in handling challenges caused by visual impairments. Make a gift of $30 to VisionAware and we will send you a Getting Started booklet.
  • The kit can be downloaded in Spanish or English in accessible formats.
  • You can also sign up with VisionAware to receive free weekly email alerts for more helpful information and tips for everyday living with vision loss.

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