Marta Fonmudeh, M. Ed (Special Ed. - Vision), TBVI, OMS, RT

Marta Fonmudeh

After receiving a Master's Degree in Special Education, Sensory Loss/Vision from the Academy of Special Education in Warsaw, Poland in April of 1995, I was accepted to the postgraduate program in rehabilitation teaching and orientation and mobility (O&M) for adults with multiple disabilities, directed by Associates for World Acation in Rehabilitation and Education (AWARE), which brought lecturers and teachers from the United States to Warsaw, Poland. I graduated in September 1996 and worked as a teacher for blind young adults with multiple disabilities in the day program, as well as an Orientation and Mobility Specialist (OMS) in primary school for children with low vision in Warsaw.

In 2004, I moved to Australia, where I began my affiliation with Vision Australia, a non-governmental organization which is the main provider of blindness and low vision services in several states: New South Wales, Queensland, and Victoria.

I have been serving as an OMS within independent living services, working with adults and children ever since. My role has expanded to Practice Advisor (2007) and Senior Practitioner (2010) overseeing professional development and clinical supervision of O&M staff within Vision Australia.

I have been actively involved in professional organizations representing service providers for blind individuals. Those experiences continue to help guide my work with consumers, their family members, and professionals.

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