Personal Stories: Living with Vision Loss

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No two people experience vision loss in the same way. Many feel sadness, grief, anger, and other powerful emotions. Vision loss inevitably results in lifestyle changes and has an impact upon the lives of family members, friends, and significant others. Each person dealing with vision loss is unique; each has a compelling story to tell.

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    Eye Conditions

    Read personal stories about how others are living with their eye conditions.
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    Recreation & Leisure

    Enjoy stories about what others are doing to participate in fun and rewarding activities. You, too, can continue your favorite hobby.

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    Using a Computer

    Are you interested in still using a computer for email, connecting with your family, surfing the web? Read what your peers are saying about this subject.

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    Getting Around

    There are many techniques that people with vision problems use to get around their environment. Browse through some stories about how others are able to navigate their environment.

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    Family & Friends

    Family and friends of people with vision loss can learn from each other. These personal stories provide advice and direction that can help you assist your loved one with adapting successfully to the many changes ahead.

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    Working Life

    With some assistance and adjustments, most people who develop vision loss are able to remain in the workforce or to learn skills to take one jobs. Read the personal stories in this section to find out how others are continuing to work.

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