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Resources for Independent Living with Vision Loss

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Support Groups and Other Resources

Audrey Demmitt, R.N., and VisionAware Support Group Advisor is managing the support group area.

Importance of Joining a Support Group

If you've been diagnosed with an eye condition, have a family member who has, or have become a caregiver, joining a support group may be the most important thing you'll ever do. Whether online or in your local community, such groups offer the opportunity to talk to others, share common concerns, frustrations, and stories, and find solutions to your vision-related difficulties. To locate a support group in your area, contact your state or local vision rehabilitation agency for support group information. Some national organizations, such as The American Council of the Blind or The National Federation of the Blind may also be able to link you to local or online support groups, or your eye doctor may also be helpful.

VisionAware periodically features support groups to bring to you a sample of the rich resources that are available to you locally. VisionAware offers an "ask any question about support groups" topic on the VisionAware message boards. So if you cannot find a support group in your area or you would like more information about what to expect, or even how to find a group, be sure to post a question.

Support Group Resources

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