Assembler, General Hazlehurst x 9 any shifts - Hazlehurst

Organization: L C Industries

Posted: 6/15/2019

: Assembles metal or plastic products, partially or completely, working at bench or on production floor by performing the following duties. Position parts according to knowledge of unit being assembled. Fasten parts together with bolts, screws, speed clips, rivets, or other fasteners. Remove small quantities of metal or plastics with hand files, clippers, and scrapers to produce close fit between parts. Operate drill presses, punch presses, closing press, or riveting machines to assist in assembly operation. Push button or depress pedal to activate machine. Observe machine operation to detect work piece defects or machine malfunctions. Perform minor machine maintenance such as oiling machines, dies, or work pieces. Free machine of any objects that interrupt its operation. Inspect machined work pieces to verify conformance to specifications. Ensure that a good quality product is being produced before it is packaged. Be able to count to 100. Place correct quantity of item in poly bag, box or finished container. Place bag or box on conveyor belt next to worker’s workstation or on next work station. Assist with forming, labeling and sealing (taping) boxes. Ensure that product is labeled with the correct date, shift and lot if necessary. Notify the department supervisor or quality control personnel when there is a problem with quality. Notify the department supervisor or maintenance personnel if adjustments need to be made to machine controls and guides. Work overtime as required. Report potential safety problems to the department supervisor and maintain a clean work area. Other duties may be assigned.

QUALIFICATIONS: Must be able to communicate effectively with co-workers, supervisors and managers. Prior manufacturing experience preferred. Three to six months related experience and/or training preferred.

Contact: Carol Page

Phone: (601) 894-1771 ext. 1417

Fax: (601) 894-6496


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