Waving Goodbye to Window-Eyes

Date Posted: 07/13/2017

by Bill Holton

As you may already have heard, the VFO Group-—the new owners of Window-Eyes and ZoomText--have decided to cease development of the Window-Eyes screen reader. ZoomText will continue to be enhanced and updated, however if you are a current Window-Eyes user, you have three courses of action to stay current: two of them are free, and the third may be free, depending on which version of Window-Eyes you are using.

The good news is that Window-Eyes will still work on your Windows PC. The bad news is that there will be no further updates, and as new features are added to the Windows operation system the screen reader will fall further and further behind. Consequently, it’s a good idea to start reviewing your options now. They include:

JAWS: The VFO Group is offering current owners of Window-Eyes versions 9.0 or later a free migration to JAWS version 18. Owners of previous Window-Eyes versions are eligible for a significantly discounted migration. If you are eligible, you have likely already received an email alert. If not, check out the AI Squared Migration Site.

Unfortunately, users of the free Window-Eyes for Microsoft Office are not eligible for a free upgrade to JAWS. If this is you and you do not wish to make the purchase, or even if you are eligible, there are other options, both of which are completely free, NVDA and Narrator.

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