Two New UEB Braille Courses

Date Posted: 03/08/2016

Hadley Institute for the Blind and Visually Impaired( UEB braille classes have been the most popular of any of our course offerings since our inception 95 years ago. We are pleased to announce two new braille courses. <

1. UEB Braille Literacy 3: Uncontracted Braille available February 29, 2016 Increase your ability to read and write braille by learning uncontracted braille in which every word is written out letter for letter (often called grade 1 braille). The course covers the braille alphabet, numbers, punctuation, and some special signs. Directions for using the braillewriter as well as the slate and stylus are included.

Prerequisite: “Braille Literacy 1: Tactile Readiness” and “Braille Literacy 2: Learning the Braille Alphabet,” or the ability to read all letters of the braille alphabet by touch

Course: EBR-923, Media: DTB with UEB workbook, Lessons: 9

This tuition-free course is designed for Hadley students who are blind only—not for sighted family members in our Family program or for sighted blindness professionals in our HSPS program.

2. UEB Contracted Braille available March 31, 2016
The braille code used for most written material is contracted braille. Being able to read and write in contracted Unified English Braille (UEB) will enable you to assist your family member or client who is blind. After attaining this goal, you may decide to advance your braille skills by enrolling in a professional transcriber course or other advanced braille and braille teaching courses.

Prerequisite: Completion of Hadley’s "Introduction to Braille" within six months prior to enrollment in "Contracted Braille" and with a grade of B or higher OR adequate competency as determined by Hadley’s "Uncontracted Braille Assessment"


This course is designed for sighted students in either our Family or HSPS (blindness professionals) programs.

***An Uncontracted Braille Assessment is also available on. March 31, 2016. Here is some information about it:
Have you learned uncontracted braille in another setting, or has it been over six months since you completed Hadley’s “Introduction to Braille” or "Introduction to Braille, UEB Edition" course? Enrollment in “Contracted Braille, UEB Edition” requires a certain level of proficiency with uncontracted braille. This short assessment measures your ability to read and emboss letters, numbers and a variety of punctuation marks in uncontracted braille. The results determine which braille course is appropriate for you.

Assessment: UBA-010, Media: LP, OL, Lessons: 1
This assessment is designed for sighted students in either our Family or our HSPS (blindness professionals) programs.

*** Prospective and current students should call Toll Free: 800-323-4238 to ensure course availability—as enrollment dates are subject to change.

Contact: Student Services

Phone: (800) 323-4238

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