This Isn't Your Grandfather's Sheltered Workshop

Date Posted: 11/12/2014

Beyond Vision is a Social Enterprise. We operate like any business. We offer real jobs in an integrated environment at competitive wages and with full benefits. We believe most people who are blind don't want a hand out, they merely want a hand up. And that is exactly what we offer. We hire, we fire, we promote and we demote. The only difference between us and most other businesses is that we focus on employment of people who are blind or severely visually impaired. Our Vision statement is to, "Enrich the lives of Americans who are blind...through the dignity of work valued by customers and the community". Our Mission statement is to, "Grow by being a valued partner to customers, suppliers and the community while operating as a fiscally responsible enterprise."

Jim Kerlin
Beyond Vision
...The Right Choice

Contact: Jim Kerlin CEO or Rob Buettner Dir. HR

Phone: (414) 778-5800 ext. 5827


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