Review of Be My Eyes App Android Version

Date Posted: 11/10/2017

by Bill Holton, AccessWorld Correspondent

Have you heard about BE My Eyes? This groundbreaking accessibility service available in the form of a mobile app pairs sighted volunteers with visually impaired individuals who would appreciate a bit of remote assistance. The app is free both to download and to use, but until recently it was iOS only. However now, finally, Be My Eyes is also available to users of Android devices.

As with the iOS version, you can establish a Be My Eyes account using your Facebook ID or create and account using your email address. You are then asked if you wish to offer assistance or request assistance. Perhaps you have friends and family who would like to participate and offer help to others. If so you can share the information about the app with them and they can select that option. But if you require sighted help, simply invoke the “Connect to first available helper” button . You will be connected with a sighted volunteer for a real time video session via the Tokbox video platform—one way, they can see what you show them, you cannot see them.

Be My Eyes can be used for everything from reading a frozen food cooking label to reading street signs while you’re on a walk. If you haven’t tried it yet, you are in for quite a treat.

You can download Be My Eyes from the iOS App Store or from Google Play. For more details on the Be My Eyes service and how it works, read our original “Review of the Be My Eyes Remote Sighted Helper App for Apple iOS” in the February 2015 issue of AccessWorld. Then check out the November issue, where we’ll tell you more about the new Android version, and also why the folks at Be My Eyes say the more sighted assistance calls you make the better!

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