New Grant Funds and Customer Service Now Available Through Computers for the Blind

Date Posted: 07/19/2018

Computers for the Blind (CFTB) has access to additional grant funds to again offer computers for $60 off regular price. Here are the details:

  • Eligible persons include persons on SSI or SSDI due to blindness. Copy of Social Security reward letter required.
  • The grant also includes parents of legally blind children or youth. Required documentation is an e-mail from the TVI or caseworker stating that the child needs a computer, would benefit from it, and purchasing a new computer with the expensive software would create a hardship on the family. No eye reports or income verification needed.
  • These are desktop computers w/larger screens, and a home edition license of JAWS, Fusion, or ZoomText of the client’s choice. Price includes JAWS training bundle.
  • The cost for grant covered desktops is $70. The only persons eligible for a grant covered laptop is a college student that is currently taking classes on campus. Proof required. Cost for laptop under the grant is $125.
  • See article in AccessWorld for more details.

Customer Service

Call 214-340-6328 for customer service and tech support in English and Spanish. Computers now ship within 2 weeks.

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