AccessWorld Teaser: Accessible Investing with the Robinhood App

Date Posted: 06/14/2017

by Bill Holton, AccessWorld Contributor

Even if you are not actively involved in the stock market, you likely own stocks. If you have a retirement plan at work, if you have a 401(k), or an IRA, you are probably invested in stocks, even if it’s via mutual funds. Perhaps today, perhaps tomorrow, or perhaps not until after you have retired, at some point you will need and want to take more control over your personal investments. Or maybe you’d just like to buy a few shares of Apple or Google because you enjoy using their products, or purchase a share or two of Disney to give to your child or grandchild.

With today’s spread of online discount brokers, dipping your toes into the investment waters is certainly much easier than ever. Most of these brokerages have gone a long way toward making their web interfaces accessible with screen readers and magnification software. Most now also offer mobile apps which allow you to trade on your phone or tablet using VoiceOver or Talkback.

In the July issue of AccessWorld we introduce our readers to a new mobile stock trading platform with a few differences. It’s called Robinhood, and not only is the app the only way to buy and sell stocks through the brokerage, the commissions are also rock bottom at $0.00 per trade!

Using the free iOS or Android Robinhood app and touch screen reader, it is possible to complete an account sign up from start to finish--without having to print, sign, and mail in a completed application form. You can even fund the account entirely online using your bank account and routing number. Trade tickets are well laid out and also accessible, as are the trade and other notifications you can choose to have sent to your mobile device, your email inbox or both.

OK, so if trades are free, how does Robinhood make money? You’ll have to read the full July article to find out. There you will read about Robinhood’s audio stock charts, a feature especially designed for their visually impaired customers.

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