For those recently diagnosed with vision loss and their families, VisionAware's blogs cover personal perspectives and responses to vision loss, daily living techniques and helpful products, breaking news on eye conditions and treatments, new resources and organizations, and more.

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Timely news and interviews relating to vision loss, including the latest updates in medical research.

  • The Reality and Costs of Gene Therapy for Eye Disease: Who Will (or Can) Pay?
    by Maureen Duffy on 7/24/2017

    As our readers know, VisionAware is committed to providing current and reliable information about eye and vision research that is relevant to adults and older adults, many of whom experience late-life vision loss resulting in low vision. During the past several years, gene therapy has gained traction in the research arena and offers promise for treating (but not yet curing) a range of eye diseases, including retinitis pigmentosa,

  • Re-Imagining Health Care for the 21st Century: With Value and Access for All?
    by AFB Staff on 7/18/2017

    By Ann Pilewskie, AFB Public Policy Intern, guest blogger Health Care. Such loaded words these days. ACA, AHCA, BCRA, Private Insurance, Medicaid, Medicarewhat does all of this mean? Of course, it means different things to different people. If you are covered by your employer, generally that is a good thing. If you are covered under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), for those who never had insurance for a multitude of reasons, it is a good thing. For those whose premiums have skyrocketed, pay large

  • Protect Amtrak: An Important Part of Our Transportation Infrastructure
    by AFB Staff on 7/10/2017

    Editor's Note: In our Independence Day post, we discussed the 21st Century Agenda on Aging and Vision Loss and the first goal of increasing funding for services to maximize independence for older persons with vision loss. In today's post, we cover one of the initiatives of goal three of the Agenda, the need for good and available transportation for all phases of life as noted in this quote from

Visually Impaired: Now What?

Formerly known as the "Peer Perspectives Blog," we have renamed the blog to reflect the purpose more accurately. The posts are written by our team of peer advisors, many of whom are professionals in the field who are blind or visually impaired. The blog features solutions for living with visual impairment resulting from eye conditions such as macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, and retinitis pigmentosa. It includes posts about living independently, getting around, low vision, technology, cooking, and helpful products.

  • ADA for All, Including Disabled Parents of Non-Disabled Children
    by Steven Wilson on 7/24/2017

    Unless one studies and interprets the legalese of our laws, it can be quite overwhelming when trying to understand our rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act as individuals with disabilities. While I had been capitalizing on services for students with disabilities during my college years, I recently came across a confusing scenario that snowballed into several departments, agencies, and advocacy groups coming together to ensure my rights be respected and, most importantly, enforced. <img src="" width="250px" alt="Steven sitting at a desk with a

  • Five Reasons Why I Still Use a Landline Phone
    by Empish J. Thomas on 7/19/2017

    Today, with the ever-increasing advancements in technology, many people are cutting the cord and getting rid of their landline phone. They are using their cell or smartphone to make those necessary phone calls. Their smartphone can accomplish that and so much more, so some might think, why continue to have a landline? Well, I can give you at least five reasons why I still continue to use mine. Even though I am in my mid-40s, I am a bit old fashioned and thoroughly enjoy my landline phone, and here are the reasons why. Five Reasons Why I Use a Landline Phone I can get to my landline quickly and

  • Dealing with Diaper Rash – Holly’s Journey
    by Holly Bonner on 7/12/2017

    When my first child, Nuala, was 8 months old, she developed a very severe bout of diaper rash. The problem was, I had absolutely no idea she even had it. Mother Doesn’t Always Know Best I thought I was changing my daughter’s diaper often enough, approximately every hour. My mother had told me to sprinkle cornstarch on her buttocks after each change to prevent irritation. I had a large, stainless steel shaker with handle that I kept next to her changing table filled with cornstarch. I remember feeling like I was powdering a tiny cake every time I changed a diaper. The cornstarch would leave behind

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The American Foundation for the Blind is a national organization expanding possibilities for people with vision loss. AFB experts can be found on Capitol Hill ensuring children have the educational materials they need to learn; in board rooms working with technology companies to ensure that their products are fully accessible; and at conferences ensuring professionals who work with people with vision loss have access to the latest research and information. Through our online resources and information center we communicate directly with people experiencing vision loss, and their families, to give them the resources they need to maintain an independent lifestyle. Follow AFB's blog to learn more about our activities.

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AFB CareerConnect® is an employment information resource developed by the American Foundation for the Blind for job seekers who are blind or visually impaired. The CareerConnect Blog focuses on employment issues for people who are blind or visually impaired, as well as sharing stories from mentors and other blind people who have found career success.

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This blog is for you—parents of children with visual impairments. We talk about what it's like to be a parent, how to advocate for your child, what new resources we've found, and much more. FamilyConnect also periodically invites experts in all different aspects of raising a visually impaired child to make themselves available to answer your questions.

Raising a Child Who Is Blind and...

I am the mother of three and my middle child, Eddie, is officially the "Special Needs Child." Here is my blog to share the joy and pain of having such a unique child.

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